about me

Hi there! I’m a product designer laser focused on creating enterprise software products based out of Silicon Valley.



My name is Ranjeet Tayi and I am a DESIGNER at heart. Currently working as a Director of User Experience @Informatica leading AI-powered Intelligent Cloud Data Platform, Data Catalog, Data Privacy and Data Integration products.  Over 15+ years of experience in enterprise UX specialized in leading UX discovery workshops, UX architecture, data visualization, design systems, and design management. Holds education background in Advertising, Mass Communication & Design Management.

I help my team to solve world’s hardest Data Problems and make data management less scary for data engineers, data scientists, security analysts and business users to achieve their tasks without hand coding. In order to make big data and AI truly useful and less opaque, data management tools need to be easier to use, trustful, and accessible. Design plays a key role to unleash the value of data.

In my free time go out for photo shoots, curate events, travel across the globe & spend time with my 2 little girls and my family.

My story of design journey

Design career was not an accident and it was so natural. My fascination with collecting 100’s of beautiful matchboxes in my childhood made me think deeply analyzing the contrast between the name, text and standout illustrations. That grassroots level thinking ignited 3 things DESIGN, BRAND, and COMMUNICATION which totally reflects in my personality, education, and profession.

Started my career as a design entrepreneur co-founded MIND VISIONS (VFX company) in 2002 leading high-end VFX for films, games, and digital design projects burning the midnight oil working 18 hrs a day. later joined PURE IT Usability Research in 2006  to focus on the research side of design. Enterprise software caught my attention and opportunity to solve complex design problems and joined SumTotal in 2007, Informatica in 2011 and design-led many award-winning products. My team and I have interacted with 100’s of real users as part of UX research studies and produced many compelling designs.

My commitment to design-centric social impact has led contribute to several non- profit boards in organizing, hosting, curating conferences, photo exhibitions, ignite talks & design awards. Co-founded Ignite Hyderabad & co-curator of the UX-INDIA Conference (ux-india.org). I spread design happiness by speaking /sharing good design at various conferences, moderate panel discussions & guest lectures at design/management schools across the globe.